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Milestone Enterprises
1078 EDSA, Balintawak,

(0632) 454-3201/(0632) 362-6143
(0632) 413-3812/(0632) 456-1163

(0632) 444-0028

info @ milestonephil.com

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Milestone Enterprise


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Flooring and Walling: Ashlar Marble (Beige & Tea Rose), Ashline Marble (Beige., Tea Rose, Granite), Bricks (Local & Imported), Buho (Bamboo Wanders), Bakawan, Bamboo Sticks, Ballusters (Cement & Ceramic), Cement Tiles (Non-skid Tiles, Fan-type Tiles), Granite, Green slates, Fan Mosaic (Italy), Laminated Wood Planks (Germany), Mactan Stones, Marbles, Narra Parquet, Paving Blocks, Pebbles, Piedra Tiles, Sandstones, Slates (Natural), Stone Age Products, Woodstones, Vigan Tiles, Crazy Cut, Adobe, Java Negra (Cobblestone)

Roofing: Hispania, Mediterranean, Segovia, Spanish Ondula, Tegula, Toyo S & J (Japan), Shingles, Multi-tile, Whistler, Placa Romana

Strips: Brass Strips And Nosing, Carburundum, Wood Strips (Liston)

Polishing materials: Hi-Lap, Marble Cutter, Polyurethane, Wax, Concrete Plastic Sealers, Sanding Sealers, Sanding Papers

Cement: Color Cement, White Cement, Tile Adhesive

We are a retailer, wholesaler, dealer, exporter, manufacturer, fabricator and supplier of various types of natural stones, cement and the likes.